Euresys Makes it Eight

Product / 11.2017

Euresys is a pioneering force behind the CoaXPress standard and likes to keep up a fast pace when it comes to innovations. It’s now introduced an 8-connection CoaXPress frame grabber.

Belgium-based Euresys is as a leader in the development of the CoaXPress standard and is also a key member of the technical committee which leads innovation. The company is playing an active role in the introduction of the next version of the standard.
It was four years ago that the first cards of the Coaxlink series (Euresys CoaXPress frame grabbers) were announced in December 2013.

Today, Euresys provides the widest CoaXPress frame grabber range on the market. Eight models Coaxlink cards available, from one to four CXP inputs, PCIe and PCIe/104 form factors, with innovative features such as Data Forwarding and FPGA-based Laser Line Extraction for 3D analysis.

Sales grown

CoaXPress sales have grown tremendously and in 2017, the Coaxlink series accounted for 27% of Euresys’ frame grabber sales. Overall, 2017 has been a great year for the company and alongside machine vision camera manufacturers reporting between a 20% to 30% increase in sales, it has seen a 40% boost in frame grabber sales. The only downside for such increased growth was that it was not forecasted, so this has been a challenging year for electronic components procurement and manufacturing.
Euresys has now introduced an 8-connection CXP-6 frame grabber, appropriately called the Coaxlink Octo. The word Octo in Latin translates as eight, and follows Mono, Duo and Quad variations.

The camera data transfer rate of the Coaxlink Octo is 5 GByte/s with PCIe Gen 3 x8 bus and a peak delivery bandwidth of 7.8 GByte/s. The effective delivery bandwidth is 6.7 GByte/s. It is also compatible with the Memento Event Logging Tool.
The main target for the new Octo is multi-camera applications, with support for up to eight cameras on a single frame grabber/single slot. Successful Coaxlink applications include 3D AOI, FPD inspection, printing inspection and in-vehicle video transfer.

Marc Damhaut, CEO of Euresys, said: “We’ll probably stop at eight, as there is no more space for connectors on the bracket, unless we included a second bracket. The next generation will be focused on increasing the connection speed to CXP-12 (12 Gbits/s). We have just met with our distributors and have listened to their feedback as to what the market wants over the coming months and years.
“The great thing about the Coaxlink Octo, is it now allows eight cameras to work together and customers can vary the configuration. The request for a frame grabber with eight connections came from our customers.”

Damhaut added: “We’re happy with how CoaXPress is evolving and the technical committee is now working on version 2.0. We originally launched our CoaXPress products three years ago and it was really at the right time. CoaXPress is really picking up and demand is good from customers.”
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