EURESYS 2021 Results | Frame Grabber & Machine Vision Software Specialist

Product / 02.2022

The company managed to ride on a growing computer vision industry harvesting a significant growth.

Despite the health and consequential economic uncertainties inducing semiconductor supply chain disruptions, Euresys has remarkably managed, producing an overall turnover increase of 29% in 2021 to reach 20.3M€. That represents a growth of 32% in Asia, 10% in America and 32% in EMEA.

Machine Vision industry observers seem to agree on a prospective 7% per year increase of the industry over the next 4 to 6 years. The Machine Vision Industry started with the, now traditional, functions of inspection, recognition and robot guidance for handling and sorting. While these activities are now further generalized throughout more industries and applications than before, recent technological developments of high-speed/high resolution cameras, embedded edge computing, Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI), distributed and multi-dimensional inspection lead to new functionalities beyond the manufacturing in sectors as diverse as life science, health, entertainment and sports, and even banking and retail to mention a few.   

Many trends to which, despite difficult pandemic circumstances and impact on the semiconductor worldwide supply chains, Euresys has pro-actively responded by building a diversified product mix (frame grabbers and machine vision software, as well as IP Cores offered by our subsidiary Sensor to Image) and investing wisely in an anticipated inventory.

Matching these trends, we continue to innovate with the launch of new products such as the expansion of the CoaXPress-over-Fiber compatibility to more camera makers, new 3D (Easy3DMatch) and DeepLearning/AI (EasyLocate) machine vision libraries and the porting of the eVision machine vision libraries to Linux.

We also penetrate new markets such as the quality inspection for the booming PV, OLED screens and battery film production as we are improving local support to our customers and distributors with the opening of a new office in Shenzhen (our second office in China).

As the pressure on supply (prices and lead-times) continues to grow before an expected easing in the second half of 2022, Euresys continues to diversify sourcing by adding new third party suppliers and redesigning existing products to allow for more second-source components.

Finally, two years after moving into new facilities, Euresys has already planned for further expansion by acquiring the rights on contiguous real estate. The addition of the new real estate represents an increase of 78%, allowing for longer term growth. Caring for the energy transition, the existing facility has been fitted with 150 sqm of photovoltaic panels, partially offsetting its consumption and contributing to feed the 16 EV charging stations installed on the parking.