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Documentation View HD1 2.7 online documentation Windows, Linux
d301en-release notes-picolo.net_hd1- 0.3 MB Windows, Linux
picolonet-linux-offline-documentation-en- 26 MB Windows, Linux
picolonet-win-offline-documentation-en- 24 MB Windows, Linux
Setup Files picolo-net-hd1-firmware-2.7.3.tgz 46 MB Windows, Linux
  • To update HD1 from firmware version 1.4 or earlier to version 2.1 or higher, it is mandatory to first update to firmware version 2.0 prior to updating to version 2.1 or higher.
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Release Notes picolo-net-hd4-hd8r-releasenotes-7-7.pdf 0.3 MB Windows, Linux
Documentation picolo-net-hd4-handbook-7-4-444.pdf 11 MB Windows, Linux
picolo-net-hd4-installation-guide-1-0-340.pdf 1.3 MB Windows, Linux
picolo-net-hd8r-handbook-7-4-444.pdf 10 MB Windows, Linux
picolo-net-hd8r-installation-guide-1-0-340.pdf 0.8 MB Windows, Linux
Setup Files picolo-net-hd4-hd8r-firmware-7-7.bin 38 MB Windows, Linux
picolo-net-hd4-hd8r-sourcecode-7-5.tar.gz 0.2 GB Windows, Linux
Certifications picolo-net-hd4-onvif-declaration-7-4.pdf Windows, Linux
picolo-net-hd4-onvif-features-7-4.xml Windows, Linux
picolo-net-hd4-onvif-testreport-7-4.pdf Windows, Linux
picolo-net-hd8r-onvif-declaration-7-4.pdf Windows, Linux
picolo-net-hd8r-onvif-features-7-4.xml Windows, Linux
picolo-net-hd8r-onvif-testreport-7-4.pdf Windows, Linux
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Setup Files OnvifDeviceScanner_1.1.exe 0.4 MB Windows