Launch of Open eVision 2.0

Product / 05.2017

Open eVision 2.0 introduces a new library, EasyOCR2, and significant changes and simplifications of the licensing system that are described in this document.
Note that Open eVision 2.0 is compatible with the current Open eVision 1.2, and the existing products with their current product code remain available, so there should be no issue during the transition.


With Open eVision 2.0, the licenses become independent of the revision number. All Open eVision licenses from Open eVision 1.2 will work with revisions of Open eVision 1.2 and above. Users do not have to upgrade their 1.2 license to use Open eVision 2.0. Most of the Open eVision product codes remain unchanged, but the version number (1.2) has been removed from the product descriptions.

NEW - EasyOCR2

A new Optical Character Recognition library, EasyOCR2, is now available.

The EasyOCR2 license product codes are:
- 4179 Open EasyOCR2 for USB dongle
- 4229 Open EasyOCR2 for PAR dongle
- 4279 Open EasyOCR2 for soft-based licensing
An EasyOCR2 license also gives users the right to use EasyOCR.

A new ID bundle including EasyOCR, EasyOCR2, EasyBarCode, EasyMatrixCode, EasyQRCode and EasyImage is now available with the following product codes:
- 4180 Open ID Bundle for USB dongle
- 4230 Open ID Bundle for PAR dongle
- 4280 Open ID Bundle for soft-based licensing

The “Full Bundle” still contains all libraries (now also including EasyOCR2). Its price remains unchanged.
What’s new in Easy OCR2?
- Optimized for reading short texts such as part numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, lot codes, …
- Innovative segmentation algorithm to automatically locate text in the image based on expected character size and text topology
- Full support for text rotation (360 degrees)
- Character type specification to improve recognition
- Able to read severely degraded characters: support for character fragmentation and uneven lighting
- Learning of character database from one or multiple TrueType Font (ttf) file(s)
- Assisted learning of character database from sample images
- Character database management: adding, removing characters; saving, loading database


A free-of-charge soft-based license including all Open eVision libraries and valid for 30 days is now available. The product code and description are “4250 – Open eVision 30-day evaluation license”. Purchasing this license requires the approval of a Euresys Sales Manager.


The Open eVision Eval application is now obsolete. It has been replaced by Open eVision Studio, which is available free of charge, and can be downloaded from our web site.
Consequently, the Open eVision Studio and Open eVision SDK licenses are not required anymore.


The EasyImage library has been added to the new ID Bundle.
With this change, EasyImage is now included in all bundles (the Inspection Bundle, the ID Bundle and the Full Bundle).


The following products remain on the price list for “compatibility with Open eVision 1.2”, but are not used/necessary/promoted as of Open eVision 2.0. They have been renamed with the prefix “Legacy”.
- 4165 Legacy Open Mark Inspection Bundle for USB dongle
- 4176 Legacy Open ID Bundle 1.2 for USB dongle
- 4163 Legacy Open eVision Studio 1.2 for USB dongle
- 4178 Legacy Open eVision SDK 1.2 for USB dongle
- 4215 Legacy Open Mark Inspection Bundle for PAR dongle
- 4226 Legacy Open ID Bundle 1.2 for PAR dongle
- 4213 Legacy Open eVision Studio 1.2 for PAR dongle
- 4228 Legacy Open eVision SDK 1.2 for PAR dongle
- 4265 Legacy Open Mark Inspection Bundle for soft-based licensing
- 4276 Legacy Open ID Bundle 1.2 for soft-based licensing
- 4263 Legacy Open eVision Studio 1.2 for soft-based licensing

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