c2c-logo.jpgWHAT IS C2C-LINK?

C2C-Link enables the synchronization of multiple cameras attached to one or multiple Coaxlink cards in the same or distant PC’s. 
The Coaxlink series of frame grabbers exists in varied modularity to accommodate specific camera stream constraints: 1 to 8 cameras and 6.25 Gbps (CXP-6) to 12.5 Gbps (CXP-12) per connection. Further expansion is possible through synchronizing multiple boards within a deterministic synchronization window.

This synchronized connectivity can be done by means of the IntraPC C2C-Link Ribbon Cable (synchronizing multiple boards within the same PC),

e.g. Fig.1: synchronizing two cameras on two cards (Coaxlink Duo & Coaxlink Quad G3) within the same PC.


1) Intra PC C2C-Link

See IntraPC-C2C-Link Ribbon Cable for more info.

and/or the InterPC C2C-Link Adapter (synchronizing multiple cards in multiple PC’s).

e.g. Fig.2: In this system, the three cameras (C1, C2 and C3) may be synchronized.
Triggers just have to be sent to the first (master) Coaxlink card.


2) Combination of IntraPC & InterPC C2C-Links



More advanced configurations are available depending on the user’s application and topology.

e.g. Fig. 3: PC1: Coaxlink Duo + Coaxlink Quad G3 + C2C-Link to PC2: Coaxlink Quad G3 DF (Data Forwarding) to PC3: Coaxlink Quad G3 DF.

3) Expansion of the number of  cameras and distribution of processing power


Or even more complex configurations:

4) Expansion of the number of cameras over multiple C2C-Links

See below for typical synchronization timing examples:

  • Less than 10 ns for IntraPC synchronization;
  • Less than 265 ns for 3 cameras on different cards in 3 different PC’s (40m total C2C-Link cable length);  
  • Less than 4050 ns for 5 cameras on different cards in 5 different PC’s (800m total C2C-Link cable length);

The C2C-Link Adapter also extends the additional I/O connections of the Coaxlink Duo, Quad, Quad G3 and Quad G3 DF I/O internal connector to a DB connector on a separate PC bracket.
See InterPC C2C-Link Adapter for more info.