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Camport CL2USB3

Camera Link到USB3 Vision转换器

  • 将单个基本配置Camera Link相机连接到标准USB3 端口
  • 超低延迟和抖动
  • 包含Sphinx USB3 Vision SDK
  • 符合USB3 Vision和GenICam标准
  • 提供标准版(带外壳)和OEM版本(不带外壳)

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使用业界标准的USB3 Vision协议,通过标准USB3连接实时流式传输视频和成像数据。

包含Sphinx U3V SDK
包含Sphinx U3V SDK


  • Windows驱动程序和采集库
  • 示例应用程序,包括USB3 Vision / GenICam兼容查看器

通过USB端口使用经过验证的Camera Link相机
通过USB端口使用经过验证的Camera Link相机



提供扩展温度范围版本:-40 到 +85°C / -40 到 +185°F


兼容符合GigE Vision/GenICam标准的第三方视觉软件库(MIL、LabView、Halcon、CVB ...)

Housing Standard version only:
  • Fanless aluminum housing
Mounting Standard version only:
  • Desktop or wall-mount
Connectors All versions:
  • 'CAMERA LINK' on camera module:
    • 26-pin Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) socket
    • Camera Link BASE connector
  • 'USB3' on baseboard module:
    • USB3 Micro B socket
    • USB3 Vision device interface
Standard and EXT versions only:
  • 'POWER/IO/RS232':
    • 15-pin 2-row high-density female sub-D connector
    • Power input, RS-232, CMOS IO
OEM and OEM EXT versions only:
  • 'POWER/IO/RS232' on baseboard module:
    • Molex 53047-1010
    • Power input, CMOS IO
Dimensions Standard version:
  • 110 mm x 68 mm x 112 mm
OEM version:
  • 91.5 mm x 20 mm x 86 mm
  • 470 g, 16.6 oz (Standard)
  • 80 g, 2.8 oz (OEM option)
Camera / video inputs
Interface standard(s) Camera Link
Number of cameras One Base camera
Maximum aggregated camera data transfer rate 255 MB/s
Camera Link configuration Base
  • BASE_1T8, BASE_2T8, BASE_3T8
  • BASE_1T10, BASE_2T10
  • BASE_1T16
  • BASE_1T24
Camera Link clock frequency From 20 MHz up to 85 MHz
PoCL (Power over Camera Link) No
Camera pixel formats supported
  • Mono8, Mono10, Mono16
  • Bayer8, Bayer10, Bayer16 where = GR, RG, GB, or BG
  • BGR8
Area-scan camera control
Trigger Yes
Strobe No
On-board processing
On-board memory
  • CPU: 32 MB
  • Frame buffer: 32 MB
  • Flash: 8 MB
  • EEPROM: 8 kB
Bayer CFA to RGB decoder Yes
General Purpose Inputs and Outputs
Number of lines Four I/O lines:
  • Two inputs
  • Two outputs
Electrical specifications
  • 3.3 V CMOS inputs
  • 3.3 V 20 mA CMOS outputs
System integration
COM One Full-duplex RS-232 COM port, CameraLink serial pass through
Supply voltage 8 to 15 V DC, power supply via external unit
Power consumption Standard version:
  • 3 W typical
OEM version:
  • 2.5 W typical
APIs Sphinx SDK:
  • Filter driver and acquisition library for Windows
  • Sample applications, including USB3 Vision/GenICam compliant viewer
  • Driver installation tool
  • Documentation
Environmental conditions
Operating ambient air temperature 0 to +70 °C / +32 to +158 °F
Operating ambient air humidity TBD
Storage ambient air temperature TBD
Storage ambient air humidity TBD
Electromagnetic - EMC standards To be confirmed:
  • European Council EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
  • United States FCC rule 47 CFR 15
EMC - Emission To be confirmed:
  • EN 55022:2010 Class B
  • FCC 47 Part 15 Class B
EMC - Immunity TBD
Flammability PCB compliant with UL 94 V-0
RoHS European Union Directive 2015/863 (ROHS3)
REACH European Union Regulation 1907/2006
WEEE Must be disposed of separately from normal household waste and must be recycled according to local regulations
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