InterPC C2C-Link Adapter

扩展 PC 之间 C2C 链路的适配器

  • 用于不同 PC 中 C2C-Link 卡的互连
  • 允许连接到不同 PC 中多张卡的多台相机的同步
  • 扩展 Coaxlink Duo、Quad、Quad G3 和 Quad G3 DF I/O 内部连接器的其他 I/O 连接到单独 PC 托架的 DB 连接器
  • 兼容 Coaxlink 卡

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Format Standard profile PC card
  • 'IN' on bracket:
    • RJ-45 socket
    • InterPC C2C-Link input
  • 'OUT' on bracket:
    • RJ-45 socket
    • InterPC C2C-Link output
  • 'EXTERNAL I/O' on bracket:
    • 26-pin 3-row high-density female sub-D connector
    • I/O lines and power output
  • 'C2C-LINK':
    • 6-pin dual-row 0.1" pitch pin header with shrouding
    • IntraPC C2C-Link
    • 26-pin 2-row 0.1" pitch IDC female connector
    • I/O lines and power output
    • 0.2" pitch 4-pin right-angled Disk Drive Power socket
    • 12VDC power input for InterPC C2C-Link adapter
Dimensions Cable: L 200 mm; Card: L 44 mm x H 101 mm Cable: L 7.9 in ; Card: L 1.7 in x H 3.98 in
  • Accurate synchronization of the trigger and the start-of-exposure of multiple grabber-controlled area-scan cameras.
  • Accurate synchronization of the start-of-cycle, start-of-scan and end-of-scan of multiple grabber-controlled line-scan cameras.
  • C2C-Link synchronizes cameras connected to:
    • the same card
    • to different cards in the same PC (requires an accessory cable such as the "3303 C2C-Link Ribbon Cable" or a custom-made C2C-Link cable)
    • to different cards in different PCs (requires one "1636 InterPC C2C-Link Adapter" for each PC and one RJ 45 CAT 5 STP straight LAN cable for each adapter but the last one)
  • Maximum distance:
    • 60 cm inside a PC
    • 1200 m cumulated adapter to adapter cable length
  • Maximum trigger rate:
    • 2.5 MHz for configurations using a single PC, or up to 10 PCs and 100 m total C2C-Link cable length
    • 200 kHz for configurations up to 32 PCs and 1200m total C2C-Link cable length
  • Trigger propagation delay from master to slave devices:
    • Less than 10 ns for cameras on the same card or on different cards in the same PC
    • Less than 265 ns for cameras on different cards in different PCs (3 PCs and 40m total C2C-Link cable length)
KC Certification Korean Radio Waves Act, Article 58-2, Clause 3
Flammability PCB compliant with UL 94 V-0
RoHS European Union Directive 2015/863 (ROHS3)
REACH European Union Regulation 1907/2006
WEEE Must be disposed of separately from normal household waste and must be recycled according to local regulations
Ordering Information
Product code - Description
Included accessories
  • 200 mm 26-way Ribbon Cable
  • 3303 - C2C-Link Ribbon Cable