Picolo HD series

High-definition 1080p video capture cards

At a glance
  • Video and audio capture from SDI, HDMI, DVI, Y/Pr/Pb, S-Video or CVBS video sources
  • HD 1920x1080p, up to 50/60 frames per second
  • SD 525i60 and 625i50 on selected models
  • Optional on-board H.264 compression
  • 16 general purpose IO lines
Picolo HD One

SDI / HDMI / DVI High-Definition 1080p Video Capture Card

Picolo HD H.264

SDI / HDMI / DVI High-Definition 1080p Video Capture Card with on-board H.264 compression

Picolo HD 3G

3G 60FPS SDI / HDMI / DVI High-Definition 1080p Video Capture Card

Picolo HD 3G DVI

3G 60FPS HDMI / DVI High-Definition 1080p Video Capture Card

Compatible with a wide range of video sources:

  • HD-SDI
  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • Y/Pb/Pr

16 general purpose IO lines

Audio signal acquisition

  • Stereo
  • 16-bit linear PCM
  • 32, 44.1, 48 KHz

Analog Y/Pb/Pr, audio and watchdog cables included

Picolo HD Studio

  • Demonstration and evaluation program compatible with the Picolo HD series of video capture cards
  • Demonstrates the acquisition and live display of HD video, the use of non-destructive overlays, with an option to display a reticle cross or any graphics on the video
  • Able to save images, as well as mp4 H.264 video files (Picolo HD H.264 only)
  • Available as an executable application and as source code

Windows drivers

DirectShow and C APIs

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Standard and high-definition image acquisition

Endoscopy applications

Standard and high-definition image acquisition 1

Dental applications

Standard and high-definition image acquisition 2

Video-guided surgery applications

High-definition image acquisition

Offline inspection stations

High-definition image acquisition 1

Laboratory and measuring microscopes

MultiCam for Picolo HD
  Download File size Operating system
Release Notes multicam-for-picolo-hd-win- 0.5 MB Windows
Documentation picolo-hd-3g-dvi-handbook_3.3.519.pdf 3.3 MB Windows
picolo-hd-3g-handbook_3-3-519.pdf 2.7 MB Windows
picolo-hd-h264-handbook_3-3-519.pdf 2.8 MB Windows
picolo-hd-one-handbook_3-3-519.pdf 2.9 MB Windows
picolo-hd-series-installation-guide_2-0-519.pdf 1.2 MB Windows
Setup Files multicam-for-picolo-hd-win- 21 MB Windows
Sample Programs directshowdotnet-for-picolo-hd-win- 42 kB Windows
multicam-for-picolo-hd-win- 2 MB Windows
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