Domino series

Frame Grabbers for Non-Standard Analog Cameras

At a glance
  • PCI/PCIe frame grabbers for non-standard analog cameras
  • High-accuracy, 10-bit, 40 or 65 MHz A/D converters
  • D³ technology for extremely low synchronization jitter
  • Support for mega-pixel progressive-scan and interlaced cameras, asynchronous reset and exposure control
  • Trigger, strobe and general purpose I/O lines
Domino Melody

Low-profile frame grabber for one single-tap non-standard analog camera

Domino Harmony

Frame grabber for two single-tap or one RGB non-standard analog cameras

Domino Symphony PCIe

Frame grabber for four single-tap non-standard analog cameras

Enjoy digital quality from low-cost analog cameras thanks to our patented D³ technology

  • Extremely low noise, true 10-bit image acqusition
  • Lowest jitter: 0.5 ns (or 0.008 pixels) even when using composite video signals, for the most precise measurements
  • No need to use pixel clock

Take advantage of the lowest-cost industrial cameras available on the market

Windows and Linux drivers available

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  Download File size Operating system
Release Notes multicam-release-notes-6.13.641.pdf 1.1 MB Windows, Linux
Documentation grablink-documentation-update-6.13.641.pdf 1.8 MB Windows, Linux
grablink-multicam-parameters-6.13.640.pdf 2.7 MB Windows, Linux
multicam-linux-documentation- 58 MB Linux
multicam-win-documentation- 91 MB Windows
grablink-tap-geometries-2.2.0.pdf 1.5 MB Windows, Linux
multicam-storage-formats-1.5.0.pdf 1.5 MB Windows, Linux
grablink-gpio-user-guide-1.2.0.pdf 1.1 MB Windows, Linux
multicam-acquisition-principles-1.1.0.pdf 1.8 MB Windows, Linux
grablink-migration-guide-1.0.0.pdf 5.5 MB Windows, Linux
Setup Files multicam-win- 25 MB Windows
multicam-win-readme- 1 kB Windows
multicam-linux- 19 MB Linux
multicam-linux-readme- 1 kB Linux
Sample Programs multicam-linux-sample-programs-description-6.13.641.pdf 0.8 MB Linux
multicam-win-sample-programs-description-6.13.641.pdf 0.8 MB Windows 0.6 MB Windows
multicam-linux-sample-programs- 17 kB Linux
  • Windows XP was supported up to MultiCam 6.9.8
  • Grablink Expert 2 was supported up to MultiCam 6.9.8
  • An incorrect "Signature is corrupt or invalid" error message appears after downloading multicam- with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Please ignore this message.
  • Domino Iota was supported up to MultiCam 6.9.5
  • Grablink Quickpack ColorScan and Grablink Quickpack CFA PCIe were supported up to MultiCam 6.9.4
  • The following boards were supported up to MultiCam
    • Domino Symphony
    • Grablink Quickpack CFA
    • Grablink Expert 2 cPCI
    • Grablink Value cPCI
    • Picolo Pro 3
    • Picolo Diligent
    • Picolo Diligent Plus
  • Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 were supported up to MultiCam 6.8.2
  • Domino Delta was supported up to MultiCam 6.4.3
  • Windows Server 2003 was supported up to MultiCam 6.4.2
  • Windows 2000 was supported up to MultiCam 6.4.0
  • Picolo Jet-X was supported up to MultiCam 6.3.0