Open eVision Bundles

Open eVision libraries can be purchased individually, in cost saving bundles or in an SDK. No development license is required!

  • The Open eVision Inspection bundle includes EasyImage, EasyColor, EasyObject, EasyMatch and EasyGauge.
  • The Open eVision Mark Inspection bundle includes EasyOCR, EasyOCV, EasyBarCode and EasyMatrixCode.
  • The Open eVision Identification bundle includes EasyMatrixCode, EasyBarCode and EasyOCR and EasyQRCode.
  • The Open eVision Full bundle includes the complete set of Open eVision libraries.
  • The Open eVision SDK includes Open eVision Studio and the complete set of Open eVision libraries.

EasyObject Description

The EasyObject library handles image segmentation, i.e. the decomposition of images into separate objects, also called blobs.

Once the objects have been constructed, they can be handled as independent entities. Various geometric parameters or features, such as area, width, or ellipse of inertia, can be computed for each object.

Objects of interest can be selected by means of their position or of their computed features.

EasyObject also supports the inspection of holes in defined objects. Holes are managed as the objects themselves, benefiting from the same geometrical features. EasyObject manages the relationship between objects and holes, defining parent objects for holes.

EasyFind Description

Based on an innovative feature-point technology, EasyFind is designed to rapidly find one or more instances of a reference model in the image.

Compared to normalized correlation, EasyFind features faster processing and improved robustness. It shows excellent performances when handling instances that are highly degraded due to noise, blur, occlusion, missing parts or unstable illumination conditions.

EasyQRCode Description

QR codes are 2D bar codes. They are widely used for their fast readability, high reliability and their large storage capacity compared to ordinary barcodes.

EasyQRCode is a robust QR code reading library for industrial applications such as part identification and product or time tracking. These applications typically require the fast and reliable decoding of variable-content QR codes.

Choose the most suitable Licensing System

  • Open eVision Dongle-based Licenses: Dongle-based Licenses offer the flexibility to be transferred from a PC to another. To purchase a Dongle-based License, select one of the Euresys dongles (USB or Parallel) plus the license(s) to be stored on this dongle. Licenses are delivered as activation codes, which are stored on the dongles.
  • Open eVision Software-based Licenses: Software-based licenses do not require any dongle, they are linked to the PC on which they have been activated. Licenses are delivered as activation codes and can be managed online.

EasyImage Description

  • EasyImage includes operations usually performed as pre-processing steps to improve the image quality and obtain a good contrast between the background and the objects to be inspected.
  • EasyImage supports gray-level and color images. Selected morphology functions are also optimized for binary (1-bit per pixel) and bi-level images.
  • EasyImage includes numerous image processing functions, such as enhancement and restoration by linear or non-linear filtering, arithmetic and logic operations, geometric transformations for image registration, histogram analysis for thresholding, projection, …

EasyColor Description

EasyColor includes a set of optimized color systems transformation functions and color analysis functions.

The color systems supported are RGB, XYZ, L*a*b*, L*u*v*, YUV, YIQ, ISH, LSH, VSH, LCH and YSH.

EasyColor provides efficient means to convert images between these systems and to transform color images into gray level images and vice versa.

EasyBarCode is a library designed to automatically locate and read bar codes.

Bar codes encode short character string and are widely used for marking and identifying goods.

EasyBarCode is able to identify and read a wide range of standard commonly-used symbologies as well as special symbologies. EasyBarCode automatically locates the bar code symbol in the image and supports code rotation. Moreover, for prototyping or special cases, an advanced manual location mode is also available.

EasyOCR Description

EasyOCR is a font-dependent printed character reader based on a template matching algorithm. It has been designed to read any kind of short text (part numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, manufacturing dates, lot codes, …) printed on labels or directly on parts.

EasyGauge Description

EasyGauge is a cutting-edge measurement and dimension control library for use in gauging and metrology applications.

By relying on proven sub-pixel edge detection and shape fitting algorithms, it allows determining the dimension, position, curvature, size, angle or diameter of manufactured parts with an excellent accuracy.

Robustness is ensured by powerful edge-point selection mechanisms that are intuitive and easy to tune, allowing measurement in cluttered images.

In addition, EasyGauge also supports the automatic measurement of parallel sides, thus providing means of measuring the thickness of flat or bent objects, as well as the precise location of corners.

EasyMatch Description

EasyMatch is a gray-level and color pattern matching library. It lets you train the system on a reference pattern and afterwards locate its occurrences in other images.

This tool is very convenient when the position of a given part is unknown in the field of view, or if the presence of parts must be controlled. The library works by using normalized correlation method, i.e. measuring discrepancies between the pattern and the target image.

EasyMatrixCode Description

Data Matrix codes are widely used for parcel tracking and part identification in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and mechanical industries.

EasyMatrixCode is a fully automatic reader of 2D Data Matrix codes. It recognizes symbols of any size, contrast, location and orientation in a single operation. Error detection and correction algorithms are used to provide a reliable reading.

EasyMatrixCode is fully compatible with the ANSI/AIM BC11-1997 standard.

EasyOCV Description

EasyOCV is an optical character verification tool used for mark inspection. It provides automatic training of the model, adjustable acceptance levels and a robust gray-scale analysis. EasyOCV is suitable for various mark inspection and label printing verification applications. It can detect blurred, misaligned, distorted or double marks, extra or missing ink, missing characters or reversed marks as well as contrast problems.

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EasyFind and EasyMatch are able to quickly and reliably locate PCB and other fiducial marks in the image.

Pick and place

EasyFind and EasyMatch are able to quickly and reliably locate fiducial components in the image.

Wire bonding and Die bonding

EasyFind and EasyMatch are able to quickly and reliably locate fiducial marks in the image.

Lead inspection

EasyGauge provides sub-pixel measurement functions for lead inspection.

Associated products
EasyGauge, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

PCB inspection

Associated products
EasyColor, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

Mark inspection

LED inspection

Image enhancement

EasyImage is used to enhance the quality of printed characters or codes before recognition.

Associated products
EasyImage, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

Presence / Absence check

EasyImage gray-scale analysis functions are used for simple presence/absence checks

Surface analysis

EasyImage is used to reveal the surface defects, and the blob analysis functions of EasyObject is able to segment and measure them.

Checking dimensional accuracy

Associated products
EasyGauge, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

Assembly inspection

Associated products
EasyGauge, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

Object positioning for pick and place

Associated products
EasyObject, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

Product identification for traceability

Code quality verification

For label printing machines.

Product identification for traceability 1

  • Serial number / part number / expiry date verification
  • Lot mixing verification

Color inspection

Associated products
EasyColor, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

False color rendering

Associated products
EasyColor, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

Color inspection in the pharmaceutical industry

Associated products
EasyColor, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

Label and packaging inspection: Verification of the printing color

Associated products
EasyColor, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK

Label and packaging inspection: Inspection of the quality of the printing of characters and codes

Noise reduction for Xray imaging

EasyImage contains spatial and temporal noise reduction functions.

Associated products
EasyImage, Inspection Bundle, Full Bundle, SDK
Open eVision
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  • Microsoft Windows 2000 was supported up to Open eVision
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